martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

When I was a child...

When I was a child, one day I went camping with my family.
My father, my mother, my two sisters and my brother.
The campsite was very big, but i loved this campsite.
We camped in a small place.
In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool and Anna, my sister, and I, made two friends, their names were Laura and Maria.
At night we had dinner in the restaurant.

When my sister, Laura and Maria finished dinner, we went to the campsite.
When we were in Laura's home, Laura saw a shadow of a kirannaper.

Laura was very darling and she went to see who it was suddennly, she stopped.
Her face was pale.
We had flar, but nothing had happened!
Laura turned and she said:
- Maybe we had imagined it!

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